You are busy running your business, our system helps you manage it.

There are many things to keep track of on a daily basis. We wanted to provide a tool that allows you to have true visibility on what is going on in your business and manage your staff. Being web-based, you can access this information anywhere in the world.


Easy way to manage your business with statistics, giving you true visibility.

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We make it simple for you and your staff to keep track of your tasks with the battle plans functionality.

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With an Org Board, have all your staff oriented to who does what and know how things flow.

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Keeping your staff up-to-date has never been easier with the company news feed.

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The tool you have been needing to help you better manage your business.

With our cloud-based management tool, you can get the information your need, give orders and keep your staff fully coordinated.


Put the power of management back in your hands, giving you information, stability and certainty.

Most managers spend a lot of their day trying to get information or giving orders. What if this could be something you can look up and instantly know what you need about how things are going in your business? We built an innovative platform to you do what you do best...manage and expand!


"MAKH has helped me get a handle on what is happening in my company and get detailed. I don't just listen to what is being said, I am able to LOOK and KNOW. It's a game changer!"


See how easy it is for you to get the kind of control you have been looking for. We will make it easy, find out how.

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