Solutions for the Workplace

When L. Ron Hubbard began to examine the problems of organization and management in the early 1950s, the serious lack of workable systems soon became obvious. This led him to begin an active search for basic laws governing the survival and expansion of all organizations and groups.

As a result of this search, he isolated for the first time the skills that a man or woman needs to succeed. And with his keen understanding of lifes fundamentals, he discovered and codified simple and practical steps through which one can sanely and easily create both an expanding and enduring organization.

Organization is actually a simple subject, he wrote in 1969, based on a few basic patterns which if applied produce success.

Whether your company or business is large or small, you will find that through the use of L. Ron Hubbards management and administrative technology, you will have within your grasp the tools of limitless success and expansion.


This technology is for use. Its application brings results. If, as you study, you apply what you learn, this will become immediately evident. Today, this technology is broadly used around the world by organizations and businesses of all types and sizes groups who now find themselves capable of rapid expansion and growth on a stable basis.

Executives find they have the basics and principles that enable them to easily deal with the situations and problems which stand in the way of increased productivity and expansion, or cause the collapse of groups. Stress is no longer a debilitating factor and, instead, challenges are willingly met and overcome.

The articles in this training library form a series containing the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard. It provides the most effective training available to any business person or executive. With this administrative technology, tremendous expansion can be attained and sustained. Goals can be achieved. All you have to do is use it.